There have been a lot of articles out there over the past year entitled “The Case for Bernie Sanders.” It’s a case that many have felt compelled to make, and I may share a few of those articles here, along with videos and links to information and research from various sources.

This blog is my way of presenting the case for Bernie Sanders for President of the United States. It’s also record of my personal journey from being a Hillary supporter to backing the man who has stood rock steady in his convictions for decades of public service. I’ll be sharing my own thoughts along with various articles and videos on Bernie, his record, his conviction and his electability.

If Senator Sanders wins the Democratic nomination this blog will continue until November.

Oh, and there is a certain candidate about whom you will hear very little, but please don’t worry about him. CNN, MSNBC, and FOX all give him plenty of free air time, letting him prattle on and on, often they will allow this without fact-checking, interrupting, or making any sort of useful journalistic commentary. They seem to believe that he and Hillary Clinton are the only possible candidates in the coming general election. I do not call them conspirators. I merely assert that they are out of touch, and too absorbed in their own faulty assumptions to fairly report the news. This assertion is nothing new, and certainly not confined to this campaign.

While it will it will be impossible to discuss my increasing respect for Senator Sanders without candidly contrasting it with my growing disappointment with Secretary Clinton, please take note: this is not an attack-Hillary site. If you choose to interact here, with me or my readers, I will expect you to do it in a spirit of truth as well as kindness and respect–the way Bernie would have it done.

Thank you,

David J. Bauman, blogger at The Dad Poet


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