Krugman, Knock Off the Insults

In response to Krugman calling Bernie supporters “Delusional,” particularly with commentary on his insistence that Sanders apologize for the actions of “his supporters:”

Mr. Krugman, seriously, stop.

When members, or former members, of a group (I’ve “chatted” with them on Twitter, so I know they exist, and I can attest to the rudeness of the member who was running the twitter account at that time) called “Bros. for Hillary” posed as Bernie Supporters and posted Child Pornography on several Bernie Sanders Facebook groups, getting them shut down, I don’t recall Hillary Clinton issuing an apology. Do you? And why should she? Bros for Hillary obviously do NOT support Hillary Clinton’s Values any more than the folks who fired shots into Bernie’s campaign headquarters in Nevada. Bros for Hillary are fringe, and probably not even part of the Hillary campaign. We did not expect her to apologize, because we knew that was not her doing, nor the doing of anyone who genuinely followed her.

So why do you assume that because some supporters got loud and angry, for reasons that may actually be reasonable if they are true (meeting before proceedings, changing the rules last-minute, etc), and should be investigated, why do you not give Sanders the benefit of the doubt that you do Clinton? Why do you assume that death threats were made by Sanders’ supporters, when I’m smart enough to know that Hillary is not responsible for the crazies who claim to support her? Why aren’t you, Mr. Krugman smart enough to know that every wacko out there who claims something isn’t telling the truth.

Bernie made his statement against violence. It was strong enough and clear enough. He should NOT take responsibility for actions that were not made by him or his followers, just like Hillary Clinton should NOT apologize for the Bros for Hillary group, or the group who ransacked hotel rooms of Bernie Supporters. We already know they do not represent her. So how about you quit looking for distractions from the issues.

If there have been arrests made, investigations made, then authorities should follow-up and actions should be taken, but this is all smoke and mirrors, all this talk you are doing, Mr. Krugman. Don’t hold Sanders to a different standard than you hold Clinton.

It was Trump, you’ll remember, who offered to pay legal fees for a supporter who hit a protester. That wasn’t Sanders or Clinton, so let’s keep it real here.



  1. I never thought America could elect a flakey candidate like Trump. I’m starting worry that it might happen. Dems need to come together against this man who couldn’t find even one person of color to consider for the Supreme Court. All these other spats are trivial in the face of what could be.

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