You Can Vote FOR Someone

It’s a shame that for most of this primary season the corporate media has framed the narrative as a fight to stop Trump. As worthy a goal as that is, it misses several very important realities.

  1. Trump might not be the nominee.
  2. Despite Clinton’s latest claim of being “the only candidate tough enough to stop Trump,” the polls still show Sanders doing better¬†than Clinton against every Republican nominee, and Clinton possibly losing to Cruz, and overwhelmingly losing to Kasich (the Republican outsider).
  3. People like me (not just young voters) are tired of voting “against someone.” And why should we when we have a candidate who we trust, and who polls strongest against every other?

The superdelegate system makes it seem like the deck is stacked in Clinton’s favor, but after Sanders’ 8 primary and caucus wins in a row, the media is starting to wake up and recognize this is a movement, not just a “symbolic” candidate. We don’t want to “send a message,” no we actually do intend to elect Bernie Sanders as our next president. And uphill climb or not, we are indeed closing the gap.

This past week or so I found myself responding to a lot of crazy things in the news, but when you have a strong candidate who has been fighting for middle, working class, and poor Americans for his entire career, you really don’t need to defend his reputation. And funny isn’t it? It’s puzzling to be honest, that feeding the poor, taking care of children, the sick and the elderly, investing in jobs and education, taking back government from Wall Street and special interests, it’s just a damn shame that we live in a country where we feel these are values that need to be defended.

It’s equally sad when people who are supposed to be fighting for our interests think that we are reaching too high, dreaming too much. Be reasonable, we are told. Yet everything I want our great nation to be is both reasonable and achievable. And after so much has been accomplished, I’m not willing to settle for a slightly better country. I’m content to stop now. And I shouldn’t have to be.

So in this post and the next one, I’m just going to present some of these values to you, rather than allowing myself to feel pushed to defend them.


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